I have put together a list of questions I am frequently asked. Hopefully you will find the answer to any questions you may have here, but if you don’t please contact us and we will do our very best to help.

Why are you now charging for day of collection?

Aderyn Cat Resort has become very popular with customers travelling up to 100 miles to board with us. In the early days we were able to offer the service of collecting before 10am at no charge as a little bonus, but unfortunately there were too many incidents this year whereby customers did not collect on their designated day, taking advantage of the no charge facility if collecting before 10am the following day. I can honestly understand arriving home, absolutely shattered from the journey and the thought of then going back out to collect your cat when all you want to do is sleep is difficult and with the facility of leaving your cat in a safe environment for another night when you rest at no extra charge is very tempting. BUT if we have a new customer checking in at 8.30am into the unit your cat is in all harmony breaks down and this happened a few times with customers having to go back home and return later in the day. I'm sure you can agree that if this happened to you, you would not be happy. Also reserving an extra day "just incase" has caused problems with bookings being refused as we have been unable to fit them in. So it was a very difficult decision to arrive at but we are now falling in with other catteries and charging for the day of collection. We hope you will understand


How can I help my cat have an enjoyable stay?

This is an excellent question and there are things that you can do to help your cat settle in. Firstly make sure that your cat is fit and healthy. If you suspect that he/she is not, pop them along to the vets for a check up. What your cat may be able to throw off quickly may develop into something more serious as their stress levels rise when going into unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure they are up to date with their flea and worm treatment. If your cat is afraid of their cat carrier, start to leave it out so that they can get used to it.

Will my un-neutered male cat be allowed to stay with you?

I am afraid the answer to this is No. We are also an active breeding cattery, which means that our girls come into call (season). This would be totally unfair to your pet as well as causing problems to our other boarding cats. It is also likely that your pet will start to spray and I am sure you can understand that we do not want the male urine smell in the cattery as it can upset and make our other guests feel threatened. All male cats have to be neutered from 6 months of age.

Can I bring toys and a blanket for our cat?

Yes of course you may, but we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

My cat was sick this morning and I am due to go on holiday today. Will you accept them?

This is always a tricky one. As a whole a cat may be sick through eating too fast, or a fur ball. This does not mean that they are ill. In circumstances like this we firstly thank you for being a responsible pet owner and informing us of a possible problem. As long as your pet is not obviously ill and needing immediate veterinary treatment and the isolation unit is free, it is not a problem and we will accept the cat. However you will be made aware that if the illness progresses, we will seek veterinary treatment, which you will be responsible for. Once the sickness has past your pet will be transferred to the main cattery. YOU WILL BE CHARGED AN EXTRA FEE FOR THE CLEANING AND DISINFECTING OF THE ISOLATION UNIT, WHICH IS £15.

It has only been 3 days since my cat had their booster. Will you still accept them?

Yes as long as the isolation unit is free we will accept them. They will remain in the isolation unit until 14 days has passed. The reason for this is that cats can shed the virus they have been vaccinated against for this amount of time and possibly longer, putting others at risk. We implore owners to make sure they have their boosters in a timely manner (at least 2 weeks before) as we only have 2 isolation units available and one of our guests may need to be housed if they become ill. There is an extra £15 fee for cleaning and disinfecting the unit.

Do you accept Diabetic cats?

We are pleased to say that we are now in a position to board diabetic cats. Please contact us for More details.

Do you charge extra for giving medications?

NO we do not charge for this service

My cat is healthy but elderly and has arthritis, can they still come to stay?

Yes and we will do everything we can to make their stay an easy, pain free enjoyable one.

I just found out my cat has fleas and they are due to be booked in today

Fleas are every boarding catteries nightmare. However as long as they are treated promptly and steps are taken to prevent re-infection, it can be dealt with. All cats that are boarded with us are checked immediately on arrival with a flea comb, which will show us if there is any flea dirt or live fleas. If they are infected they are removed immediately from the cattery. They are given a flea treatment and intense grooming. Once they are clear they will be allowed back into the main cattery. WE DO CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE. Please see our fees page.

Your opening hours are not suitable for us. Can we arrange a different time?

Please speak to us and we will do our best to accommodate you. However if you are arriving into Cardiff Airport at 2am, you will not be able to collect your cat at this time.

I have booked my cat in for a week, but I now want to collect them after 5 days. Will you give me a refund?

No I am sorry we will not issue a refund as the unit has been booked out for the whole of the week for your pet.

Do you accept credit/Debit cards?

In order to keep our fees down we do not accept any form of card payment. We accept cash, direct bank transfers or cheques. We understand that this can be inconvenient and we are always looking to see if there is a cost effective card machine available.    






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