Terms and conditions of Booking


All cats are boarded at their owner’s risk. Aderyn Cat Resort will ensure that all care and diligence is taken to ensure your cats safety, security, health and wellbeing whilst boarded with us

All male cats over the age of 6 months must be neutered, otherwise we are unable to accept them.

All cats must have current vaccinations against flu and enteritis. Vaccinations must have being given more than 14 days prior to boarding

All cats must produce their vaccination card. No cat will be accepted without proof of vaccination.

Owners must inform us at the time of booking of any medical history or medical on-going conditions

We reserve the right to refuse admission of any cat showing signs of illness pending veterinary advice.

Aderyn Cat Resort will supply and feed as instructed by the owner. However if a cat becomes fussy (not eating) we will offer them an alternative nourishing diet to encourage them to eat

Only compatible cats from the same household may share the accommodation

Boarding fees are charged on a daily basis including the day of arrival and the day of departure. you will be charged for the full day respective of the style of accommodation.

There is a minimum 3 day booking. However customers may book for less if we can accommodate but will be charged the minimum 3 days.

Fees for Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day/ Boxing Day/New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day are charged at double rates respective of the accommodation that has been booked

The cattery is closed for intake and collections on Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day/Boxing Day/ New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day.

The cattery is closed for intake and collections on all other Public Holidays not listed above. However we do not charge double for this period. Normal fees apply

A Provisional booking will only be held for 5 days

We must be informed before the intake day of any changes to your booking. Otherwise you will still be charged the full amount for your original booking even if you require less days. If you require longer we will try our best to accommodate you. Please advise us of any changes as soon as you can to avoid any problems and disappointment.

Payment in full is required prior to the check in date or at the commencement of your booking. Cats will not be released until full payment has been received

If you are booking for the following year, please be advised that the fees may change. We will inform you of any changes

Cats must be supported in secure suitable carriers. On no account are they to be carried into the cattery in your arms

Cats do not become the responsibility of Aderyn Cat Resort until they are physically handed over and accepted by Aderyn Cat Resort

All forms that are issued by Aderyn Cat Resort must be completed in full.

A name and contact number for your designated contact must be provided incase you have delays and Aderyn Cat Resort cannot accommodate an extension of stay. We will always do our very best to accommodate circumstances like this, but sometimes we simply cannot

All belongings are left at the owners risk. Any item left unclaimed for 1 month after boarding will be disposed of

Aderyn Cat Resort will administer medication to manageable cats. However should a cat cause harm to itself or a cattery member whilst administrating medication, which leads to it being impossible to medicate, then we will seek veterinary assistance either at our premises or the surgery. In cases such as this any cost incurred will be charged to the owner

Any cat which is left at Aderyn Cat Resort for more than 7 days after the agreed collection date will be considered as abandoned. In these circumstances the cat’s ownership will transfer to Aderyn Cat Resort and we will act in the cat’s best interest.

Aderyn Cat Resort is fully insured. All cats in our care are covered by up to £1500 veterinary fees per cat if they sustain injury/illness/condition whilst boarded with us HOWEVER IF YOUR CAT HAS HAD THE ILLNESS/INJURY/CONDITION IN THE PAST OR IT IS OF AN ON-GOING ILLNESS/INJURY/CONDITION YOUR CAT WILL NOT BE COVERED. Equally if the illness/injury/condition is due to Failure By the owner to identify a problem (eg tooth problems) you will not be insured Any fees that accumulate over the insured amount the owner will be responsible for. The owner will also be responsible for any veterinary cost if it is proven that the cat already had this illness/injury/condition prior to boarding at Aderyn Cat Resort.

Any treatment that is deemed necessary for the comfort of your cat whilst boarding such as worming, flea treatment will be carried out at the management’s discretion and charged to the owner (see our fees page)

The Grooming of cats will be carried out as necessary. It would be appreciated although not necessary if owners brought their own grooming equipment with them. However we will not be responsible for grooming any cats that get distressed or causes harm to staff

Whilst every care and precaution is taken with every cat Staying with us, the proprietors cannot be held responsible for any illness, disease or death of A cat that may occur during boarding